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BELLY magazine Issue 02 cover photo maple bacon donuts by Matt Weinstein


Digital Magazine

Issue 02

31 March 2024

Cover Photography

Maple Bacon Donuts by Matt Weinstein

Recipe inside issue 02

  • Welcome to BELLY, the go-to resource for people who want to live their best life, despite dietary restrictions. Our magazine is packed with useful tips, delicious recipes, inspiring stories and expert advice on all things health and wellness. We cater to people who need to be mindful of their dietary restrictions due to autoimmune disorders and food allergies. Join our community today and discover how you can lead a healthier, happier life.

  • Whet your appetite with mouth-watering recipes to satisfy ANY diet! Whether you're a newly diagnosed Celiac, or you've been struggling with an Autoimmune Disease for years, BELLY is your lifeline to catchy articles, amazing tips, world class health advice and MUCH more!!

    Learn how to enjoy your food again with Mindful Moments; a column designed to help you appreciate food and control your eating habits through the exciting practice of Mindful Eating.


    So your little one doesn't like their Gluten Free bread? Check out our Parents Corner for helpful hints and stories from other parents, just like you!


    If you're looking for something a bit more INTENSE, check out TMI; a column dedicated to making you feel better about your most embarrassing moment!  Hear stories from Autoimmune survivors and Health Professionals that will make your jaw drop. 


    Whether you call it a Scrapbook, Lookbook, Lifebook or Daybook; we truly hope BELLY will be a part of your life, more importantly, a super fun tool in your journey to a healthier, happier self!

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